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Welcome to Suits By Amy competition suits

Welcome to Suits By Amy competition suits

Welcome to Suits By Amy competition suitsWelcome to Suits By Amy competition suitsWelcome to Suits By Amy competition suits

Rental Suits

Rentals suits offer so many options that are ready at a moments notice. Whether you are a girl that likes to wear a new suit every show or are looking for a cost savvy way to wear a pro level suit at an economical price, we have the right suit for you. Please check back often as our stock is always changing. Please be sure to read out rental agreement below before reserving your rental .



All rental fees must be paid in full to reserve your show date and can be paid via credit card, or Paypal. Rentals are first come first serve. All rentals do require a credit card on file for insurance for late fees and lost/damaged suits. Rentals are only for the person who rents the suit. No transfers please. A credit card is required for all rental suits only as insurance that the suit will be returned within 7 days of show AND returned in the same condition. I will only charge your credit card  if either of these two situations occur. 1. The suit is returned damaged beyond repair meaning ripped, stained with tanner and/or oil and/or glue. A few stones missing is not damaged beyond repair. 2. The suit is not returned. The amount charged will be the purchase price of the suit listed on the rental page. 

Your suit will be shipped out 10 days before your show and must be returned no later than 7 days after your show date. There is a $20 per day late fee applied to those suits that are returned after the 7 days. If you would like to keep the suit for an additional week to use in another show, you must submit an extension fee of $100.00 before your suit return date has expired. Suits that are never returned will be charged the full price listed for purchase. 

If for some reason the suit does not fit, you must contact me within 48 hours so we can exchange for another suit. If you decide not to compete I must have at least one weeks’ notice from the ship date not show date. If you decide to cancel you will receive an in store credit for the amount of the rental. All competitors are responsible for cleaning their rental suit before returning. Care instructions will be included with the suit and must be strictly followed.

Rentals will be only available to US residents at this time. We ship all our rentals through the postal service. If you prefer a different carrier you will be charged for the shipping service.

By signing below with hand written signature OR typed signature, you agree to the rental agreement. Failure to comply with this agreement will result in legal action.