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Welcome to Suits By Amy competition suits

Welcome to Suits By Amy competition suits

Welcome to Suits By Amy competition suitsWelcome to Suits By Amy competition suitsWelcome to Suits By Amy competition suits

First Time Competitors

Lets Start Here


When you are starting to decide what you want in a suit, we always suggest you should decide on whether you are wanting to order a custom bikini or rent a bikini. Things to consider are budget, how much time do you have until your competition date, and is this a one and done competition for you. If you think it may be best to rent, please click the link below.

Custom Order


When choosing to custom order, let start with color selection. Do you know what color you are wanting? Do you know what color is best for your skin tone under the lights? Click the link below for color pallets for different skin tones. 



 Do you know which style and suit cuts are best for your body? choosing the correct style of top and  bottom is paramount. If this is something you are unsure of, please discuss this with your coach or contact us directly. We want to be sure you show your best physique in your competition. Click below to explore our suit styles and howto take your measurements.



Have you thought about how much you want to invest into your suit? Remember a good quality suit is an investment in your competition. It's your uniform you wear to compete. Don't skimp and think you can get by on a bargin suit from another designer that may or may not fit. Its worth it to invest in quality that will last you several shows. If you choose to get a new suit after a few shows, you can easily sell or rent out a quality suit. That is definitely something to keep in mind when purchasing. 

Are you competing on a limited budget? No problem! Remember at the end of the day, the judges don't care how many crystals your suit has. What they do care about is the fit and how it compliments your physique. It may be in your best interest to start minimal and add more crystal to the suit over time. And yes, we do that too :-).

Ready. Set Go!!!!


Now its time to shop! You have a plan and a direction to take it. remember, if you have questions, we are always here. 

Just a Few More FAQs


You may have  few more questions about the nuts and bolts of the ordering process. Click the link below to see our FAQs